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Quality Improvement

The data quality improvement program is a service that is designed to support general practice in pro-actively managing specific patient populations, such as chronic disease, by utilising the data in the practice’s clinical software.  It is based on one of the largest and most successful primary care improvement programs, the Australian Primary Care Collaborative. 

Data collected as part of the program can help guide the practice in planning, implementing and monitoring business and clinical system initiatives which can lead to improved health outcomes for your patients.

How does it work?

A Primary Health Care Support Officer will facilitate the installation of the PCS Clinical Audit Tool onto your practice’s computer system. The tool can extract data directly from your clinical software.  The tool is compatible with:

  • Medical Director 2
  • Medical Director 3
  • Best Practice
  • ZedMed
  • Genie
  • PractiX
  • Communicare
  • Medinet
  • Best Practice Management (Billing)
  • Pracsoft 3 (Billing)

The de-identified, extracted data is then securely uploaded to the NBMML Quality Improvement Site.

What is the PCS Clinical Audit Tool?

The PCS Clinical Audit Tool (PenCAT or CAT) is a piece of software that analyses data within your practice’s clinical software.

The data is presented in tabular and graphical formats in order to allow you to easily understand trends within your practice.

The data can be used to:

  • Build registers of patients, support practice recall and reminder registers
  • Investigate and identify population health issues that are specific to your own practice
  • Quickly and easily identify patients who are not meeting clinical targets
  • Identify key health outcome measures for an individual patient
  • Identify eHealth data quality CDSA indicators
  • Support PIP and SIP for Diabetes and Cervical Screening
  • Identify income potential in areas of chronic disease management
  • Provide evidence to support quality improvement initiatives as part of Accreditation

Security of patient data

PenCAT is controlled by the practice. It will only extract and upload data to the Nepean Blue Mountains PHN QIS when initiated by the practice.

Only de-identified data is uploaded to the Nepean Blue Mountains PHN QIS for aggregation into a larger data set. The aggregated data from all practices participating in the program may then be sent to the Department of Health and may contribute towards National data sets such as the National Chronic Disease data set.

Only de-identified aggregated data will be released for reporting purposes. No personal, patient details are accessible outside of the practice.

The practice also remains de-identified within the Nepean Blue Mountains PHN's aggregated data set.


For any questions or further information about PenCAT, please contact your Primary Health Support Officer at Nepean Blue Mountains PHN on 4708 8100 or contact us online

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