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CareMonitor is a health management platform we provide to general practices with telehealth capability used for electronic shared care planning, real-time remote monitoring, and population health management. Through seamless integration with a range of clinical management systems, the tool links healthcare teams electronically allowing collaboration and proactive management of chronic disease patients and prevent avoidable hospitalisations through managing complex clinical pathways, care planning, medication management and patient engagement.

CareMonitor has been used in other care settings for COVID-19 Home Monitoring.

CareMonitor can be implemented as a quality improvement activity to promote positive change in your practice for chronic disease patients, particularly when implemented using a whole of team approach. Visit our quality improvement page to find out more about the program. 

Benefits for General Practice

Workflow Efficiency

CareMonitor has a range of tools to improve efficiency of clinical workflows such as care plan templates for major chronic disease categories which can be customised, the ability to quickly add patient groups to recall lists, assign tasks to members of the patients care team, automate patient reminders, and send secure in app messages to the patient or members of the patients care team.

Better Patient Outcomes

CareMonitor makes it easy to provide optimal care even when the patient is not in the practice by providing the tools to remotely monitor and manage the patient’s health. The dashboard view enables practices to get a whole patient view and proactively intervene before the patient health deteriorates.

Enhanced Patient Access

CareMonitor improves customer loyalty and makes it easy for patients to access health services whether via video consultation, in app messaging or access to educational resources.

Flexible Access for Users

As a cloud-based system, CareMonitor is accessible from anywhere a user has access to a web browser whether that is on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. This makes it accessible for all members of the care team, regardless of whether they are in the general practice, hospital or out in the community.

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