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Cancer Screening

Did you know?

  • People with breast, cervical and bowel cancers detected through national cancer screening programs have better cancer survival outcomes than those diagnosed who had never been screened (Australian Institute of Health and welfare)
  • 6 out of 10 eligible people are not participating in the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program (Cancer Institute NSW)
  • 40% of eligible women are overdue for a screening mammogram (CINSW)

Patients who are reminded by their GP to attend cancer screening are more likely to screen (CINSW). The Cancer Screening Quality Improvement Initiative aims to support practices with a passion for preventative health to help drive improvement in cancer screening participation rates. The program runs across a seven month period and will support your practice to make easy, measurable and sustainable improvements to provide best practice care for your patients; and to pro-actively implement preventative activities that enable the early detection of breast and bowel cancers.

Benefits to your practice

  • Participation and outcome payments for the practice
  • Free training and online resources for Cancer Screening
  • Increased awareness of cancer screening services in the region and increased screening rates for your patients
  • Assists in fulfilling QI requirements for both accreditation and PIPQI

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