Your rights when using our services

NBMPHN provides respectful and caring services.

We will tell you what to expect when you are using our services, and value your feedback on what is working well or how we might improve what we do.

Rights & Responsibilities - What can you expect?

When you receive services from NBMPHN, we have a responsibilty to provide, and you have a right to receive, your health care under the seven basic rights summarised in the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights:

1. Access...

To have access to services that are available to everyone regardless of gender, culture, marital status, disability, religion, sexual orientation, age or financial situation.

Interpreter services can be arranged if needed. Any costs for this service can be discussed with the person who is providing you with health care.

The National Relay Service (NRS) is available for patients who are hearing impaired. The NRS can be reached on 133 677 or 1800 555 677.

2. Safety...

You have the right to be cared for safely and correctly by qualified staff.

3. Respect...

Everyone seeking, receiving or providing health care has the right to be treated with respect and consideration given to their culture, beliefs and values.

4. Communication...

You have the right to be informed about services, treatments and choices in a way you can understand. You have a responsibility to provide up to date information to staff who are treating you.

5. Participation...

You have the right to be given information and be included in decisions and choices about your healthcare.

6. Privacy...

Your personal and health information will be collected and handled in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.

When we collect information about you, we will provide you with details of how your personal information is handled and will seek your consent as may be appropriate. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


Consent must be given before any service commences. This consent may be either in writing or verbal. The sharing of your information with other service providers may be needed to assist in your care. This will only happen if you give permission or required by law.

7. Comment... 

You have the right to comment on care and have any concerns you may have addressed.

Make a suggestion 

Please let us know how NBMPHN can improve our services.

Paying a compliment

If the health service you received was very good, please let us know so we can tell our staff they are doing their work well.

Your feedback is important to us. To have your say, please complete our online feedback form.