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Residential Aged Care Facilities

Aged Care Support

Virtual Aged Care Service

In an effort to reduce risk of exposure and presentations to hospital, the Virtual Aged Care Service (VACS) team has increased it's workforce to provide additional assistance to RACFs.

The single point of contact telephone number for VACS is 0407 411 387. 

NSW Ambulance Secondary Triage Model for RACFs

NSW Health has implemented a secondary triage model for NSW Ambulance for calls coming from RACFs which is available 24 hours, seven days.

Programs in Residential Aged Care Facilities

Immunisation Program

Immunisation rates for older people across this region vary considerably within Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF) with older people being significantly at risk of poor outcomes in relation to influenza and pneumonia.  To reduce the risk of influenza outbreaks in Residential Aged Care Facilities immunisation plays a critical role. In preparation for 2022 influenza season, we are offering a vaccination program that will focus on immunisation for local RACFs to support reducing avoidable hospital admissions.

By offering flu vaccinations every year to your staff and residents, and keeping records of their vaccinations, your service is taking precautions to prevent, control and stop the spread of  flu and minimise infection-related risks. The purpose of the immunisation program is to promote the opportunity for RACFs to drive the immunisation of their residents by their own accredited Registered Nurses with approved GP support.

If you are a Registered Nurses working as permanent employee within a RACF based in the Nepean Blue Mountains and interested in completing your immunisation certification you can register your interest here. In addition, the immunising nurse must successfully complete the NSW Health Vaccine Storage and Cold Chain Management online learning module to order vaccines.

See relevant requirement within the Aged Care Quality Standards


The WiseMind program provides psychological therapy services for people with mental illness or who may be at risk of developing mental illness living in RACF in the Nepean Blue Mountains region. WiseMind is designed for residents in RACF experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues such as depression and anxiety that significantly interfere with an individual’s cognitive, emotional or social abilities. Dementia and delirium require medical and/or other specialised support which are not part of this initiative. Referrals are made to the service by either the resident’s usual GP or registered nurse based at the RACF.

Mental health professionals provide individual therapy sessions in person at the RACF. Referrals are up to 11 sessions in a 12-month period per resident. In response to COVID and subsequent periods of lockdown this can have an impact on a resident’s mental health. Our mental health professionals can provide telehealth sessions if required when there are restrictions in place.

Capacity Tracker

Capacity Tracker is a fast cloud-based, near real-time secure online platform used for monitoring the status of PPE supplies, bed capacity, staffing and general support for general practices and residential aged care facilities in our region.

This tool was first developed by the North of England Commissioning Support Unit (NECS) and used to manage the flow of patients between NHS hospitals and care homes in the UK.  Capacity Tracker allows for easy and regular (1-2 minutes to update weekly) communication to the PHN about issues that currently or potentially impact general practice or residential aged care capacity.

The recent emergency situations that our region has experienced (bushfire, flood, COVID-19 pandemic) has highlighted the need for obtaining accurate information quickly to assist in coordinating a timely response. Implementing Capacity Tracker allows for an improved response time reducing unnecessary delays with other communication methods.

Capacity Tracker can be used to assist in many circumstances including to:

  • Locate an interim GP to care for residents temporarily if needed when the usual GP is unavailable
  • Source potential alternative accommodation options for residents when an emergency is impacting a facility
  • Urgently alert the PHN when an emergency is impacting the RACF and plan for providing emergency workforce and supplies

See relevant information for Capacity Tracker

More Information

For more information about these initiatives, please call Jodie Abbey on 4708 8100 or contact us online.