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Provider Connect

Provider Connect Australia (PCA) is a free service operated by the Australian Digital Health Agency. PCA is a secure, reliable, and efficient way to help healthcare providers stay connected and update their business partners. The service streamlines the process of healthcare provider organisations keeping their business partners up-to-date with details of their healthcare services and practitioners.

This means only a single master copy of the healthcare provider organisation’s details needs to be maintained, with chosen business partners automatically updated whenever any details change. This saves time, reduces human error and removes the hassle of filling out multiple forms.


  • A single place to update your business information that reduces duplication
  • Streamlined registration and updates
  • Improved timeliness, completeness and accuracy of data
  • A secure, reliable and efficient way to help healthcare providers stay connected

How does it work?

The below image depicts the information flow between healthcare provider organisation, business partners, consumers and Provider Connect Australia.

A single master copy of the healthcare provider organisation’s details is maintained in Provider Connect Australia. These details can include services provided by the organisation and details of their healthcare providers. When a healthcare provider organisation updates these details, chosen business partners will be automatically updated.

Who are the business partners?

Business partners are organisations that support healthcare service delivery. Participating business partners include:

  • Healthcare directories and booking services (e.g. Healthdirect Australia)
  • Primary Health Networks (e.g. Nepean Blue Mountains PHN)
  • Secure messaging services (e.g. Telstra Health)
  • Public health services (e.g. eHealth NSW)

Registration process for healthcare providers

The agency has detailed step-by-step instructions on the PCA registration process on their website. The short video summarises the registration process.

Please reach out to your Primary Care Engagement Officer or our Digital Health Officer via email or call 4708 8100 if you need assistance with registration .


Read the Product Summary from the Australian Digital Health Agency's website for more information.

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