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Confirming a Vaccine Order

Immunisation providers must confirm receipt of a vaccine delivery on the NSW Vaccine Centre webpage. New orders cannot be placed until receipt of the previous delivery has been confirmed on the webpage.

AIR Website Updates

Vaccine serial numbers have been added to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) to support the rollout of the COVID-19 Vaccination Program. It is not currently mandatory for vaccination providers to record vaccine serial numbers. Further information about recording COVID-19 vaccines on the AIR will be provided soon, visit the COVID-19 Vaccine Roadmap for more information. ​

AIR Education for Vaccination Providers

The Department of Human services has published five  Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) eLearning education modules to help vaccination providers understand how to access and use the AIR website and record vaccination events. It will be mandatory for COVID-19 vaccinations to be recorded on the AIR. 

Annual Immunisation Update Event 25 August 2020

This year the annual immunisation update moved to an online format. We have traditionally held this in each LGA across our region in a face to face format.

If you would like to access the presentations, please see below:

National Immunisation Catch up Calculator June 2020

The National Immunisation Catch-up Calculator (NICC) is now available and is based on the Australian National Immunisation Program (NIP) recommendations for Australian immunisation schedules. This version of the National Immunisation Catch-up Calculator (NICC) has been developed and designed for Australian children less than 10 years of age based on the National Immunisation Program scheduled vaccines.
  • Schedule variations for all states and territories have been incorporated.
  • Calculator recommendations are provided by antigens due. Users can access additional information to assist with the interpretation of the recommendations from the Handbook website’s Recommendations and Resources pages.
  • The Calculator is designed based on the Australian immunisation schedule and therefore may not give accurate recommendations if used for individuals who have been vaccinated overseas.
  • The Calculator does not provide recommendations for individuals with Medical at Risk conditions where additional boosters may be recommended.
  • Users should always exercise their own independent skill or judgment or seek additional professional advice before relying on the information provided for clinical decision making.
  • Later releases of the NICC are planned to expand the age groups for catch-up calculations.

The Calculator can be accessed via the Australian Immunisation Handbook website

Clinical update

National Immunisation Program (NIP) schedule changes from 1 July 2020 – advice for vaccination providers

Immunisation Program

The Immunisation Program is designed to play a role in reducing the local incidence of vaccine preventable diseases and complications within the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, Lithgow and Penrith local government areas by:

  • providing relevant and timely support to primary health care immunisation providers
  • promoting immunisation benefits to the local community
  • liaising with immunisation stakeholders.

Immunisation Support to General Practice

Access updated immunisation resources

We work to keep you updated about immunisation through:

Support around cold chain management

We provide:

  • appropriate advice from Strive for 5
  • practices are required to purchase and use their own data logger for best practice and to provide supporting data in the event of a power out. 

Read more about data logging and cold chain management.

Support with immunisation queries

General Practices are encouraged to call the Immunisation team at Nepean Blue Mountains PHN on 4708 8100 or contact us online if you have any questions in relation to Immunisation or the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District Public Health Unit on 4743 2022. 

Support with nurse Immunisation training

By promoting Immunisation updates and courses for local nurses.

Resources from the latest Immunisation Update

Copies of the latest Nepean Blue Mountains Immunisation Report Card and the Nepean Blue Mountains Report Card  are available to download from the 'workforce and training' of the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District website.

Resources from the 16th National Immunisation Conference 2018

Copies of the presentations from the (PHAA) 16th National Immunisation Conference 2018 can be found on online.

Influenza Vaccination During Pregnancy

Vaccination remains the best protection pregnant women and their newborn babies have against influenza. 

Despite influenza vaccination being available free to pregnant women on the National Immunisation Program, vaccination rates remain low with only 1 in 3 pregnant women receiving the influenza vaccine.

Influenza infection during pregnancy can lead to premature delivery and even death in newborns and very young babies.

Pregnant women can have the vaccine at any time during pregnancy and they benefit from it all through the year. 

More information for healthcare professionals

More information for patients

The following videos provide more information about flu vaccination during pregnancy. 

 Medical Mums website

For further information visit:


To find out more information about the Nepean Blue Mountains PHN Immunisation Program, call your NBMPHN Primary Care Support Officer on 4708 8100 or contact them online.

To find out more information on immunisation, contact the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District Public Health Unit on 4743 2022.