Specialist Clinics

We commission outreach health services at Lithgow, Katoomba and in Windsor for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and those who may experience difficulty in accessing health services due to long distance, or other barriers, can access these clinics.

These Health Outreach Programs are funded by the Rural Doctors Network NSW.

Currently patient consultations can be conducted either face-to-face or via telehealth, in line with COVID-19 measures. Patients should discuss their options and preference when making their appointments. 

Lithgow Paediatric Outreach Clinic

The Lithgow Paediatric Outreach Clinic provides a Paediatrician service to children under the age of 16 years. This clinic is staffed by a paediatrician and operates one day a fortnight at Eskbank Surgery and Bowenfels Medical Practice, Lithgow.

Important Information about the Lithgow Paediatric Outreach Clinic:

  • GP referrals are essential
  • Bookings are essential
  • All appointments are bulk billed
  • Only Aboriginal children will be accepted as new patients


All referrals should now be directed to:

Dr Arman Babajanyan
Tel: 4748 9200
Fax: 8088 6655

Well-being Psychiatry Clinic

This bulk-billed clinic provides a psychiatrist service to adults in the Blue Mountains area and priority access to Aboriginal people and those on a low income.

Current at Friday 10 December, Dr Singh has advised that their appointment book is now full, and the waiting list is more than 6 months. Only new referrals for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients can be accepted, as the clinic is funded by NSW Rural Doctor Network’s Outreach Program and must give priority access for Aboriginal patients.

Dr Singh also operates a private clinic from the same location, 2 days a week and is able to see new patients in his private service, however there is still a wait list of 4 months.

If referring, please mark on the referral whether the patient is happy to be seen at his private clinic.


All referrals should now be directed to:

Dr Satya Vir Singh
Tel: 4782 8400
Parke Street Specialist Centre
61 Parke Street, Katoomba

Windsor Diabetes Clinic

Aboriginal people and those on a low income in the Hawkesbury area, can  access a bulk-billed multi-disciplinary diabetes clinic in Windsor.

This service is a joint program between the NBMPHN, Advance Medical Practice and Myhealth Kable Street with funding from the NSW Rural Doctors Network.

Endocrinologist, Dr Irfan Aziz, along with a Diabetes Educator, are available to see patients with diabetes. Clinic alternates between Advance Medical Practice and Myhealth Kable Street.

  • All patients will be bulk billed (no cost to patient)
  • GP referrals are essential to see the Endocrinologist. 
  • Referrals are not necessary to see the Diabetes Educator, but are helpful. Patients can see the Diabetes Educator without first seeing the Endocrinologist. 
  • Aboriginal patients will be given priority access. 

Patients should make appointment by calling either practice. They do not need to be an existing patient.


Advance Medical Practice
Phone: 4577 2677
Fax: 4577 9722
Address: 22 George Street WINDSOR

MyHealth Kable Street (previously Kable Street General Practice)
Phone: 4577 5622
Fax: 4587 7031
Address: 2 Kable Street WINDSOR

More information

For more information about our Health Outreach Programs, call us on 4708 8100.