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GP Involvement

Our mission is to empower local GPs to achieve high-quality, accessible and integrated primary healthcare that meets the needs of our community.

As part of our commitment to this mission and our dedication to engaging the local GP population, we have established key NBMPHN advisory bodies and initiatives where GPs are the driving force.  

GPs have provided valuable feedback to our organisation since 2014, and emphasised the need for local GPs to know who their representatives are, including on advisory committees. GPs told us they want to share their ideas and local issues, and have important information and updates reported back to them. 

We are committed to taking GP feedback seriously and actioning it in a timely manner. 

GP Input  

We are keen to hear from GPs on issues, concerns or ideas that affect them, their practices and the care of their patients. Have your say by either completing the online form below or contacting our Stakeholder Governance team on 02 4708 8100.  

We treat all information confidentially and ensure it is forwarded to the appropriate Committee/GP advisor or NBMPHN Manager/staff member for review and action.

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