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Looking After Yourself

It has been a difficult time for our community.

We know that you, as primary healthcare professionals, are usually on the frontline of social crises, such as bushfire disaster and pandemic, not only witnessing the physical health impacts but the emotional impacts of this type of these events.

It is important that during this time of increased community anxiety that you remember to take care of yourself. The following resources are available to assist the mental health and wellbeing of health professionals:

Keeping your practice safe during COVID-19

General practices are under additional pressures during COVID 19. In conversation with many practices over the last weeks, staying up to date and keeping practices a safe place has been quite a task.

Recently a practice manager wanted to share with us that her one take-home message from her interactions with us is the importance of having sound policies and procedures in place and ensuring the right information is available for her practice team. The readily available information has made it very easy for her to develop sound policies and procedures for her practice.

Where would you go for information if the following scenario presented in your practice?

A practitioner, staff member or patient is exposed and or tests positive to COVID-19. Where would you find out what you would need to do?

The following links are the primary sources of information you should go to in order to gather the latest guidance from which you could develop a wide range of policies for your practice.

Please note we continue to provide support to our practices via phone calls, emails or teleconference practice visits. If you require further information or resources, please contact the practice support team on 4708 8100.