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Domestic and Family Violence Linker

DFV Linker has been engaged as part of our Care and Connect program to provide support for general practices, across the Nepean Blue Mountains region and minimise the waiting times for referral to appropriate services for patients. 

The DFV Linker will be able to offer your practice advice, support and information to better enable identification and response to domestic and family violence.

Patient support

Your DFV Linker can provide your patient with over the phone, or face to face, support regarding DFSV on:

  • Initial support and advice
  • Information/referral regarding relevant support services (housing, counselling, financial management)
  • Advice on next steps (securing an AVO, safety and security)
  • Undertake risk assessment and safety planning
  • Information or referral to behaviour change programs

Practice support

Your DFV Linker can provide your practice with over the phone, or face to face, support on:

  • Information on best steps when managing patients affected by DFSV
  • Information sessions on the role of general practice in responding to DFSV
  • Information on relevant training opportunities
  • Discuss de-identified cases/scenarios with best practice outcomes
  • Information sessions on how to undertake risk assessments and safety planning.

About Our DFV Linker - Relationships Australia

Relationships Australia NSW has been supporting couples and families to have healthy safe relationships since 1948, and more specifically over the last 30 years has provided specialised services to address the prevalence and impact of DFSV in our community.

Jodie is the project lead and covers the Nepean Blue Mountains region. Jodie's extensive expertise in DFV and Mental Health spans more than 14 years, working alongside allied health professionals, co-ordinating support plans for patients, case management for both male and female victims of DFSV, counselling, training and therapeutic groupwork facilitation including DFV psycho-education. She is experienced at helping patients move forward and build resilient and healthy future relationships. Jodie works with people from a range of diverse backgrounds, and assists with safety planning, advocacy, and referrals to support services.

Jodie can be contacted via email or at 0435 753 497.

Download Referral Form/s: Domestic Family & Sexual Violence (DFSV) Action Plan for Best Practice, Domestic Family & Sexual Violence (DFSV) for Medical Director.