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Our Services

Aboriginal health, Aboriginal family
Aboriginal Health
We commission a range of health services for the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples in our community.
Alcohol and other drugs
Addiction Support
We commission a range of addiction support services as part of our Alcohol and Other Drugs program, including supporting GPs to manage patients affected by substance abuse and addiction.
after hours program support
After Hours Services
Our After Hours program funds and supports the provision of local medical services during after hours periods, such as weekends, evenings and public holidays.
Antenatal Shared Care
Antenatal shared care is joint care of a pregnant woman by her GP and the hospital antenatal clinic.
cancer screening
Cancer Screening
We work with local healthcare professionals to increase cancer screening participation in the three national screening programs.
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) information and resources for General Practitioners.
end of life care
Compassionate Communities
In our region, around 1,600 people would benefit from some form of end of life care each year, which equates to more than 133 people each month. This project aims to improve the process around end of life care for people in our region.
Health Care Homes
Health Care Homes
A Health Care Home is a home base that will coordinate comprehensive care for patients with chronic and complex conditions. Our region is currently one of ten trialling the Health Care Homes initiative nationally.
HealthPathways is a free online health information portal for healthcare professionals in our region to use during patient consultations
the NDIS
NDIS information for health professionals and links to our NDIS calculator.