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For a limited time, we are offering free online Cultural Competence training to practices nurses and other practice staff in our region. 

This highly respected training program has been produced by SBS. The Program offers 8 CPD points accredited by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF). You can gain access to this educational program by completing the registration form below. 

Cultural Competence Program (CPD Education)

The Cultural Competence Program (CCP) is a range of online training courses and online resources designed to train people to better manage cultural diversity.

Courses are available anytime, anyplace and on any device via app or web. They feature short-films, real stories, animations and thought provoking activities supported by up-to-date research and ongoing access to detailed reference materials. The Program is complemented by The Cultural Atlas – an online resource which gives detailed and practical information about a large range of cultures in Australia.  

The Program takes around 3 – 4 hours to complete, with each module featuring a learning outcome and links to additional material to allow participants to delve deeper into the subjects presented.

Learning Objectives

Participants in the course learn about themselves, various aspects of cultural diversity and inclusion, and gain practical skillsets to apply to their everyday working life.

Individual learning outcomes include developing an understanding of:

  • What culture, diversity, inclusion and cultural competence mean
  • How cultural diversity contributes to competitive advantage
  • How unconscious bias affects everyone’s decision making and what can be done to ameliorate its affects
  • How different cultures have different ways of thinking, acting and communicating
  • How different culture’s values, attitudes and beliefs can affect communication
  • How people from different cultures adapt to their new culture and the impact this can have on the workplace.

Individuals will gain practical skills and culture specific knowledge to:

  • Improve communication with people from diverse backgrounds including verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Be more effective and efficient when dealing with diverse customers
  • Become more effective managers of diverse workforces
  • Appreciate and embrace cultural diversity to enrich their lives


To participate, please complete the registration form. We will respond to you within two business days with details on how to access the education program. 

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