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Telehealth Video Support

We are supporting general practices in our region to deal with the current COVID-19 situation. Practices are rapidly changing the way care is accessed and delivered to ensure the safety of their practice teams, patients and the broader community. One change has now seen the ability for general practice consultations to be conducted via telehealth. There are two ways that telehealth can be offer to patients, either via phone consultation or video consultation.

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Telehealth video consultation for your practice

Healthdirect Video Call service is a simple, easy to use, scalable and sustainable model for enabling more convenient access to care for those who find it difficult to see a clinician in person. The technology that underpins the service is purpose-built for health settings, designed to create fully secure personalised virtual clinics and waiting areas. 

Healthdirect Video Call is available to general practices and Aboriginal Medical Services in our region until Wednesday 30 June 2022, under a special funding arrangement from the Australian Department of Health. This funding provision enables telehealth as a whole-of-population model of care during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect the health and wellbeing of general practice staff and patients.


  • Web-based (no software installation required for both clinicians and patients).
  • Will work on smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs (minimum requirements apply).
  • Health-grade security, privacy and data protection at all times.
  • Complies with Australian government privacy policies.
  • Allows screen and document sharing.
  • Quick and easy onboarding of practices.
  • Purpose-built for health, making it easy to adopt by patients, clinicians and administrators.

How Video Call works

The experience for both clinician and patient is designed to follow the process of attending a traditional appointment – patients check in to announce their arrival, wait in a virtual waiting room for the clinician and then the consultation begins when the clinician joins them.
Clinicians, patients and other participants can access Video Call on any modern device and internet browser with video capability, with no installation required. It is a secure environment, fully encrypted end to end and leaves no digital footprint from any participants.

Needing help to get telehealth establish in your practice?

We continue to provide support to our practices via a Zoom meeting. If your practice would like to to speak to one of our Practice Support team members about telehealth support please complete the form below.