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It's ok to visit your GP campaign

While Coronavirus has put health in the spotlight over the last few months, some patients have been avoiding the doctor and putting their general health on hold.

As an organisation focussed on primary healthcare, we’re concerned that people may be ignoring their health issues out of fear of COVID-19. We want people to know that it is okay to see your GP.

We have begun a public awareness campaign to encourage the community to return to their GPs and we are extending to general practices in our area the option to follow suit and use the resources we have created to share this message. 

How you can take part in this campaign

1. Link to our CEO's blog asking people not to put their health on hold from your website or facebook page, or share a similar message in an email to your patients.

2.  Download our social media tiles, and post them to facebook or instagram (right mouse click on each link below, then select 'save link as' to download them):

3. Share the posts from our facebook page or instagram account through your practice's social media or even your personal network.