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AstraZeneca and Pfizer Eligibility Information

We have 90 practices and three GP Respiratory Clinics delivering vaccinations in our region (2 Sept).

Practices that have capacity and available stock may book patients based on NSW eligibility criteria. Phase 1 populations (such as aged and disability care staff, Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people aged 12 and over, healthcare workers and those with an underlying health condition) should still be prioritised. NSW Health has the latest information for vulnerable groups such as pregnant people and those with specified underlying medical conditions such as immunocompromising conditions and chronic illness.

You can now check the vaccination rates by suburb on the Department of Health website.

Checking AIR Prior to Patient Vaccination

It is important to check each patient’s immunisation history before administering any vaccines to ensure you are providing the correct vaccine and adhering to the correct timeframe between vaccinations. Patients immunisation history can be viewed through The Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)Clinician Vaccine Integrated Platform (CVIP) and My Health Record.

Vaccination Booking Information (Last Updated 2 September)

Pfizer Eligibility and Booking Information

  • Pfizer vaccinations are only available to people over 60 if they are eligible under phase 1a or 1b of the vaccination roll-out or if they have one of the following conditions defined by the ATAGI criteria:
    • Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis (CVST)
    • Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT)
    • Splanchnic vein thrombosis
    • Anti-phospholipid syndrome with thrombosis and/ or miscarriage
    • Anaphylaxis, thrombosis with thrombocytopenia or other serious adverse event attributed to the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine
    • History of anaphylaxis to a component of AstraZeneca

Pfizer vaccinations for eligible patients over 60 can be delivered by vaccinating general practices, or they can be referred to the NBMLHD Vaccination Hub using the NSW Health Recommendation to Receive the Pfizer (Comirnaty) Covid-19 Vaccine form only and follow the process detailed below. If the patient does not meet the ATAGI criteria, they are unable to access the Pfizer vaccination and they should be offered AstraZeneca. 

Details on how to refer your patient to the NBMLHD Vaccination Hub, or a vaccinating practice, are available on HealthPathways under the COVID-19 Referrals, then the Vaccination drop down menu. If the referral is for the NBMLHD Vaccination Hub the referring GP must forward the NSW Health Recommendation to Receive the Pfizer (Comirnaty) Covid-19 Vaccine referral form to the LHD via the email adress listed on HealthPathways. If the referral meets the ATAGI criteria, the NBMLHD Vaccination Hub will contact the patient to make a booking.

Referrals for vaccinating general practices can also be done using the NSW Health Recommendation to Receive the Pfizer (Comirnaty) Covid-19 Vaccine form available on HealthPathways, however the the patient must make their own vaccination appointment with a general practice providing Pfizer and the completed referral form must be provided to the patient to present at their vaccination appointment.

AstraZeneca Eligibility and Booking Information

AstraZeneca is the preferred vaccine for people 60 years and over.  However ATAGI recognises that in the context of a COVID-19 outbreak patients under 60 years, who do not have immediate access to Pfizer, should reassess the benefits of being vaccinated with AstraZeneca, versus the rare risk of a serious side effect. Pfizer remains the preferred vaccine for those under 60 years in a non-outbreak setting. 

  • AstraZeneca is the preferred vaccine for patients 60 years and over. AstraZeneca vaccination appointments for this age group are currently a priority, and can be booked at a Vaccination Hub or their local GP through the Eligibility Checker
  • People aged 40-59 are able to book an AstraZeneca vaccination at a Vaccination Hub or their local GP through the Eligibility Checker
  • People aged 18-39 who are unable to access Pfizer can choose to access the AstraZeneca vaccine with informed consent.