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Improving Social Connectedness in the Hawkesbury

18 July 2019

We know that loneliness and social isolation is strongly associated with poorer physical and mental health outcomes for older people.

Building on the strength of our Compassionate Communities work taking place in the Blue Mountains, over the next two-years we will pilot a model to reduce isolation and loneliness for older people living in the Hawkesbury community.

This project is based on Asset Based Community Development and the Compassionate Communities model. It is focussed on connecting with what others are already doing in the area and building links between health services and community around older people.

We are working in partnership with the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses to pilot this model, using funding provided through the Department of Health's Improving Social Connectedness of older Australians project. We are one of only two PHN’s nationally to receive this funding.

Later this month we are holding guided Connecting our Community Workshops to discuss ways we as a community can work towards a more connected future. These workshops are open to everyone in the Hawkesbury, including health professionals. Register online to attend one of these events:

Find out more about the Improving Social Connectedness in the Hawkesbury Project.

For more information about these workshops or the project, contact Liz Murphy on 4708 8169.