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Jun 24 2020

New GP-led COVID-19 Respiratory Clinic Opens in Windsor

We are pleased to announce the region’s third GP-led COVID-19 Respiratory Clinic has opened in Windsor today.

Like the Respiratory Clinics in both Penrith and Hazelbrook, this service will assess people with mild to moderate respiratory symptoms such as a sore throat, fever, cough or shortness of breath and offer testing for COVID-19.

We have worked closely with Myhealth Kable Street Medical Centre to establish the Windsor Clinic, which is one of 100 federally funded clinics being rolled out across the country.

The GP-led COVID-19 Respiratory Clinic will be helpful to both patients and general practices in the area by redirecting people with respiratory symptoms, allowing other patients to safely attend their own general practice.

This new Clinic will also help reduce pressure on hospital testing services and emergency departments, which are seeing an increase in other respiratory illnesses with the onset of winter.

Testing at the Clinic is by appointment only and bookings should be made online. There is no need for a referral and the service is free however, patients should consult with their regular GP before booking.

More information is available at www.nbmphn.com.au/GPCOVIDclinics

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