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Jun 06 2019

Introducing our Reconciliation Action Plan

Last week, in recognition of Reconciliation week, we were proud to officially launch our first Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). This RAP formalises our vision to improve the health of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and embed their community needs into our everyday business and culture.

“Reconciliation” is not just a word - it is a process that requires a change of culture and positive action. It is an ongoing journey. Whether we’re engaging in challenging conversations or unlearning and relearning what we know, this journey requires all of us to walk together with courage.

Our organisation has a strong history of collaborating with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities within our region. Our RAP reinforces this and formalises our commitment to continue to work together to build communities of healthcare practice that support and empower Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people.

Reconciliation also requires tangible plans and our RAP outlines the activities and initiatives our organisation will undertake, over a two-year period, to implement our vision.

To mark the significance of this document, we commissioned a local Hawkesbury based Aboriginal artist, Vicki Thom, to create a meaningful artwork to represent our RAP. The artwork depicts the relationship between local Aboriginal people, how they interact with the land and our Primary Health Network, and describes the journey to understand each other. This artwork is proudly displayed in our office.

The development of our RAP was a collaboration guided by our RAP Working Group, which included staff representation from every area within the organisation. We are pleased that their hard work has been recognised, through the endorsement of our RAP by Reconciliation Australia.

In keeping with the theme of Reconciliation Week, we want to walk together with our community, on this journey towards Reconciliation. We know that we may not always get everything right but we want to be held accountable.

Showcasing our RAP Artwork, pictured from left: Lizz Reay - CEO, Vicki Thom - Aboriginal Artist, and Bruce Turner - Board Director.

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Lizz Reay is the CEO of Wentworth Healthcare, provider of the Nepean Blue Mountains Primary Health Network. Previously Deputy CEO of Nepean Blue Mountains Medicare Local & Nepean Division of General Practice, she has an extensive background in public health.

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