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Dec 16 2019

Well-Being Grants Round Up

Last month I had the privilege of attending the Well-Being Grants Round Up, hosted by our Empowering Our Communities Team.

The Round Up was organised to provide our Well-Being Grant recipients the opportunity to all come together in one place, learn about all of the funded projects and programs, connect and collaborate.

We were pleased to have Andrew Gee attend, citing heartfelt instances of community spirit during tough times. During his engaging talk, he reflected on the impact the drought has had on many, recalling a particular story about an elderly farmer who had used all of his retirement savings on keeping his staff and business going. These stories were difficult to hear, however we were uplifted with stories about how our work was making an impact – families that had reconnected, young people getting their first job and community gatherings that had taken place after a long spell.
Trauma and disaster recovery expert, Dr Rob Gordon, provided an informative and interesting talk on the different stages of stress and the impact stressful events can have on both an individual’s and community’s health. The information was very timely given not only the ongoing drought, but the recent bushfires impacting our region.
He highlighted the importance of social capital and the bridging, bonding and linking communities and services which is particularly relevant to the work we do with community groups through the Empowering Our Communities initiative. He further explained how stress and trauma can lead to post-traumatic growth and positive outcomes such as what we are seeing throughout the various projects.
I was grateful to be able to talk to Grant Recipient’s throughout the event and it was wonderful to be able to put faces and stories to the amazing work we hear so much about. People told us that both of the talks given at the event resonated with them on a large scale, validating the work we are doing within the community and providing us all with a renewed sense of energy and invigoration.
The event was also the perfect opportunity to announce our Round 3 recipients, who were also invited to attend.
I would like to thank everyone that was involved in the success of the day.


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