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Treatment Skills - Alcohol and Other Drugs GP Education Program

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31 July 2021 8:00am – 8:30am





Key Presenter/s:

RACGP appointed facilitators


The RACGP has developed the Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) GP Education Program, which aims to strengthen the capacity of GPs to address the alcohol and other drug use in their communities. The program has been tailored to meet the needs of GPs in different communities and settings.

Treatment Skills Training is designed for GPs who would like to enhance their ability to talk about alcohol and drug use with their patients, assess their readiness for change, and determine an appropriate treatment plan.

It will help GPs assess the reasons why a patient is using alcohol and other drugs, determine approaches to managing any physical or mental health comorbidities and, where appropriate, identify if the patient has a mild, moderate or severe substance use disorder.

There are two pathway options available for Treatment Skills Training, with alternate delivery methods.  GPs can apply for the pathway that best suits their training preferences.
  • Pathway no.1 - AOD Live - Online Workshop - multiple sessions until 31 July
  • Pathway no. 2 - Self-directed learning - must be completed by 31 July

Completion of the Treatment Skills Education will take a minimum of six (6) hours to complete and will be accredited for CPD in the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) 2020-2022 Program.

Eligible GPs will receive a payment of $1,200, upon successful completion of Treatment Skills training.

Applications and Enrolment
View the Application Assessment Criteria and apply for the training from the Apply Now page on the AOD GP Education Program website. For full details, including dates for the online workshops, see the RACGP Alcohol and Other Drugs GP Education Handbook.

As there are limited numbers of places available, only applicants who meet the program eligibility criteria will be considered.

ACRRM Members can access a similar suite of training activities via the ACRRM website. Incentive payments are also made for completion of ACRRM's Drug and Alcohol Addiction Training Program.