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Jun 25 2019

Well-Being Grants funded in Lithgow

We are relieved to see that conditions in some parts of our region have eased due to the recent rains and the majority of Lithgow is now considered to be in drought recovery. While this is good news, we know that consistent rainfall is needed to provide long-term relief. 

A good analogy for drought recovery, and appropriate given our industry, is how medicine and illness relate to each other. Drought is like an infection and, while a dose of rain (like medication) might alleviate immediate symptoms of drought, consistent, ongoing rain is the treatment needed to fight it. While we wait for the rain to return consistently, it's important we continue to invest in giving farmers and their communities the tools to not only make it through this drought, but better prepare for the next dry spell.

Our Well-Being Grants to Support Farming Communities help build on existing strong community networks so that people have the skills to support each other and have the best opportunity to thrive. 

I’m excited to announce four more of our Well-Being Grants to Support Farming Communities recipients that have been successful in the Lithgow region. Capertee Valley Landcare Incorporated, Lithgow Area Women’s Shed, Lithgow Information & Neighbourhood Centre and Trybal Productions. 

Capertee Valley Landcare will be conducting bush walks in the Portland region, highlighting the well documented connection between physical and mental health. This project will foster social connections and offer informal access to support with mental health professionals attending each walk. 

We’re excited that Lithgow Area Women’s Shed will deliver skills workshops to the community, focusing on practical skills for socially and geographically isolated local women.

Lithgow Information & Neighbourhood Centre will be delivering resilience workshops utilising The Resilience Doughtnut model that will include schools, workplaces and other community networks. 

Last but certainly not least is Trybal Productions, who are creating a theatre show that will be based on people’s lived experience with mental illness. This show will be supported by local mental health professionals and will highlight the challenges people face living with mental health conditions. It is shaping up to be a very unique show which we are sure the local community will support and enjoy!

Please remind your networks that Round 3 grant applications will be closing on Friday, 19 July. As you can see we welcome a range of proposals and look forward to seeing what other amazing ideas our region has to offer.


Pictured: Peter Kennard (Trybal Productions), James Daley (Trybal Productions), Jennifer Quealey (Wentworth Healthcare - Community Development Officer), Christine McMillan (Arts Out West) & Kieran Mahony (Wentworth Healthcare - Manager, Mental Health Reform)


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