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Local after hours doctor services ease burden on emergency departments

13 December 2018

Up to two-thirds of emergency room patients presenting at night and on weekends could have been treated at an after hours GP service, according to local data.

In an effort to reduce the burden on emergency departments, a new campaign is being launched to help people find what local after hours medical services are available.

Wentworth Healthcare, provider of the Nepean Blue Mountains Primary Health Network, is behind the ‘Doctor Closed?’ campaign which promotes the new website.

According to Wentworth Healthcare CEO, Lizz Reay, “most people would prefer to see a GP rather than go to an emergency department but many people don’t know what other options are available.”

“If you or your child needs medical assistance at night or on weekends, the hospital is not always your only option. In some cases, a long wait in the emergency department may not be necessary. The Doctor Closed website provides local residents with alternative options – there is a helpline and the ability to find doctors that open outside of usual business hours,” said Ms Reay.

Read full media release (pdf, 437 kb).