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HealthPathways Reaches 100!

02 August 2018

Last week HealthPathways in our region reached the important milestone of 100 localised pathways!

HealthPathways is an online clinical and referral information tool that is designed for use during a consultation. Content is developed collaboratively by general practitioners, hospital clinicians and other relevant health professionals. Each pathway provides clear and concise guidance for assessing and managing a patient with a particular symptom or condition, and importantly, provides localised information about referral options or services within the local health system.

HealthPathways was originally developed in Canterbury, New Zealand in 2008 where 99% of GPs now use it weekly, and 70% daily. Since then it has been adopted and adapted by other health systems around the world.

Since our region's launch in November, over 13,000 pathways have been viewed by 847 active users, with these numbers growing daily. With over 60 new pathways due for completion over the next two months, HealthPathways is fast becoming an integral tool for GPs in our region. 

Thanks to the dedicated HealthPathways team made up of PHN and Local Health District staff, and our GP clinical editors, who have made this milestone possible. 

If you currently do not have access to HealthPathways, please contact the HealthPathways Team, who will provide you with a username and password.


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