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HealthPathways: New Pathways Live

02 August 2018

HealthPathways provides current, best practice clinical, service and referral information that is specifically localised to the Nepean Blue Mountains region. Our HealthPathways Team is continually developing new content and in July, 10 new Pathways went Live.

The Drug Seekers Pathway was updated with how to access drug reports through using PRODA (previously Health Professional Online Services) after a patient is identified as meeting the Prescription Shopping Program Criteria. The pathway clearly outlines the steps to undertake if you suspect a patient is seeking medicine in excess of medical need.

For withdrawal and management referrals and advice, the page links to the Drug and Alcohol Advice pathway, where multiple phone numbers are provided to assist with referral and clinical advice. 

In addition, the following new pathways were also released:

If you currently do not have access to HealthPathways, please contact the HealthPathways Team, who will provide you with a username and password.


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