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Did you know, you may already have a My Health Record?

11 July 2018

For the rest of Australia, 16 July marks the launch of the three month opt-out period for the Federal Government’s My Health Record expansion program. In the Nepean Blue Mountains region, most people already have a My Health Record that was created as part of the 2016 Opt-Out Trial.

My Health Record is an individual’s own online summary of key health information, that is controlled by them, and that is easily accessible by doctors, pharmacists, specialists and hospitals. Over 5.8 Million Australians already have one, including up to 98% of Nepean Blue Mountains residents, with less than 2% choosing to opt-out when the Nepean Blue Mountains was one of only two regions in Australia included in the My Health Record Opt-Out Trial.

Wentworth Healthcare, provider of the Nepean Blue Mountains Primary Health Network (NBMPHN), helped lead the Trial and has continued to work closely with primary healthcare providers in the region to increase knowledge and usage of the tool over the past two years.

CEO of Wentworth Healthcare, Lizz Reay said, “I am proud that we lead Australia in digital health adoption through the My Health Record Opt-Out Trial, and that due to its success, by the end of the year every Australian will have a My Health Record, unless they choose not to.”

“Digital technology is transforming healthcare. It has the power to improve access to services, increase collaboration and facilitate the delivery of safe, high quality and effective healthcare, which ultimately saves lives,” she said.

“In our region 75% of our general practices are registered to use My Health Record and 70% are regular uses, which shows that people in our region are seeing the benefit of using the system. Yet, some people may not realise that they already have a My Health Record,” said Ms Reay.

Read the full media release (pdf, 417kb)