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Shared Health Summary Upload Incentive Program for General Practice

Use My Health Record and WIN!

Following on from the trial of My Health Record in our region in 2016, by the end of 2018 every person in Australia will have a My Health Record unless they choose not to.

In preparation for the expansion of My Health Record, we are encouraging Registered Nurses to upload a patient's Shared Health Summary (SHS) to My Health Record after a GP consultation, particularly for those people with multiple medications and chronic diseases. 

A Shared Health Summary is critical to patient continuity of care and is now being accessed by other healthcare providers such as allied health, pharmacists and hospital clinicians.

Every time you upload a Shared Health Summary, you are on your way to winning a prize.

But you’ll need to be quick – there are a limited number of prizes. Targets must be commenced and completed in the same calendar month.

What can you win? 

The program has three levels of incentives:


Qualifying Uploads


Number of prizes per month

Level 1 20 A pack of six Syringe Pens plus either Fibreglass Measuring Tape or Prestige Cardiometer 90 awards
Level 2 90 Omron Non- Contact Thermometer 15 awards
Level 3 120 Paid registration to Mental Health First Aid online course 5 awards

For more information download the Tally Sheet.

How to Win

1. Set yourself the goal of one of our 3 prize levels to achieve within one calendar month (eg. 120 uploads) for each month between now and December 2018.

2. Use our Tally Sheet to record each upload. You can record this using our online interactive PDF or by manually crossing off a printed version of this sheet. 

3. Once you have reached a prize level, submit your tally sheet before the end of the calendar month to our My Health Record team. You can do this by submitting your details and the completed tally sheet using the form below. Alternatively you can fax it to 9673 6856. 

4. Enter each month between now and the end of December 2018.

Note: Prizes will be determined by meeting the program criteria and then the date and time received. 

* Please tick the box below:

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