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Live Life Get Active

This outdoor, physical exercise program is for people with emerging or low to moderate mental health issues, in particular depression and anxiety, with a focus on reducing social isolation and increasing mental health literacy and self-care behaviour.

There is growing evidence connecting physical based lifestyle interventions with a reduced risk of developing depression, and showing that physical exercise interventions are associated with significant benefits for people with mild to moderate forms of depression and anxiety.

The program provides a positive pathway to a healthier life in an environment that is welcoming, caring and non-judgemental, and facilitates social connection. The orogram consists of three distinct types of sessions: yoga, boxing and cross-training sessions which are delivered during each week of operation and held outdoors.

The program is for people 18 years or older with emerging mental health issues or at risk of developing or currently diagnosed with a mild to moderate mental illness. However, a formal diagnosis of mental illness is not required for people to participate. It is accessible to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, older people and people with co-morbid chronic physical health issues and people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.