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Low Support

A mix of group or individual face-to-face services and online tools that you can access. These services are designed for people with (or at risk of) mild mental illness. 


headspace provides early intervention mental health support to young people aged 12-25 years old. Promoting the well-being of young people, headspace deliver support across mental health, physical health, work and study and alcohol and other drug needs. 


Developed by Beyond Blue and provided by Marathon Health, NewAccess is an early intervention self-referal program for people aged 16 and over who may be experiencing signs of depression and anxiety. This free service provides six sessions with a trained coach, who use a Low Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy model to work with individuals to support them overcome difficult issues. 

  • Available in the Hawkesbury and Lithgow areas only
  • To self refer, patients can call 6333 2838 during business hours or fill out an enquiry form.

Optimal Health

Optimal Health is an 8-week recovery orientated group program for people with emerging mental health issues or who are at risk of developing mild to moderate mental illness. The program supports consumers to identify personal wellbeing goals and build strength-based wellness plans. The initiative equips consumers with tools to manage periods of being unwell. It is run by Neami Nepean. 

Mental Health Help Website

We have established a Mental Health Help website to help you find the right mental health services or support in the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, Lithgow and Penrith.


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