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Flu Update 2020

The 2020 influenza vaccine pre-orders opened ahead of schedule, with deliveries commencing in early April 2020.

  • Due to the large volume of flu orders it can take up to four weeks for the State Vaccine Centre to send out the orders. State Vaccine Centre can be contacted on 1300 656 132.
  • Ensure you order enough vaccine for four weeks in your initial order (calculate your usage using the influenza vaccine ordering spreadsheet)
  • When vaccine deliveries commence, vaccine orders are processed in date order. This means immunisation providers in the same location may receive vaccine deliveries on different dates depending on when the order was placed
  • Do not overstock your fridge to avoid unnecessary vaccine wastage in the event of a refrigerator malfunction or power failure
  • Only NIP eligible patients should receive NIP funded vaccines

The 2020 Influenza Provider Toolkit and flyer are now available. Fridge basket stickers will be sent with first deliveries.

Vaccination clinics during COVID-19 response

NSW Health has provided recommended procedures based on current advice to minimise risk. This advice is to assist you with planning and managing vaccination clinics which is coinciding with the COVID-19 response. Immunisation providers should continue to offer immunisation services with enhanced infection control measures. Therefore you must take all possible steps to reduce the risk of transmission to your staff and clients attending vaccination clinics. Vaccination providers will have to consider their operational process based on staffing, physical layout of venues, fittings and resources. Information includes:

  • Pneumococcal vaccine and coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Recommendations for venues
  • Social distancing measures
  • Clinic set up
  • Vaccination process
  • Considering alternate models

ATAGI Clinical Statement on Vaccination Observation Time

ATAGI has released a statement on the duration of observation after vaccination in the context of minimising risk of exposure to COVID-19 at health care facilities.