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AOD Consultation Project

We are coordinating a major consultation project to learn how we can better help GPs and pharmacists with Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) treatment and patient support. We have commissioned Lives Lived Well to conduct this six month consultation project through an approach that has been guided by our General Practice Advisory Committee (GPAC). 

Our local GPs have told us that their capacity to support patients affected by substance abuse and addiction is limited. They need: 

  • more information to aid screening, assessments and referrals
  • timely access to external treatment options
  • specialist support, especially around Opioid Substitution Therapy
  • links to services to assist with navigating treatment options
  • appropriate reimbursement.

Dr Graeme Judson, a highly experienced Addiction Medicine Specialist, is the project’s clinical leader and will direct the consultation process with interested GPs and pharmacists.

We also will be establishing a 'communities of practice' framework, to provide continued AOD support as well as a vehicle for interested GPs to engage with AOD experts and each other. 

Learn more about this consultation project (pdf, 250kb).

Online survey

We are asking GPs and pharmacists to complete a short survey five-minute survey that will be used as a basis for the development of a 'Communities of Practice Framework' designed to provide targeted support to people doing AOD work in the primary care sector.

The survey that will provide us with an overview of the context of AOD work within the GP and Primary Care environment. There is an opportunity at the end of the survey to register your interest in a longer follow-up consultation with the project lead, Dr Graeme Judson.

You can participate in the survey only, or can register your interest belwo to be involved in the consultation process more broadly.

Register your interest

Please complete the form below to confirm that you would like to be involved in the AOD Consultation Project.

This will include:

  • Participating in an online or paper based preliminary survey (5mins)
  • If interested, agreeing to a longer one on one consultation with myself and/or my practice at an agreed time conducted by Dr Judson and a project representative from Lives Lived Well (45mins). Longer consultations will be paid at a rate of $155 payable on presentation of an invoice to Lives Lived Well. Details will be provided.
  • The option of participating in a private, online collaboration space with other interested GPs and pharmacist
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