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Wound Care Collaborative

Did you know that up to 3% of the population over 60 years are affected by leg ulcers equating to 2,184 people in our region.*

We are seeking general practices in Penrith to join our Wound Care Collaborative.

This initiative aims to improve pathways of care for patients with chronic wounds and increased capacity in primary care to manage wounds, specifically venous leg ulcers. Any practice in Penrith with an interest in this area is encouraged to submit the form below.

How will the program work? 

The Wound Care Collaborative will involve:

1. Learning Workshops

Practice representatives will attend 3 workshop sessions featuring wound care consultants and quality improvement experts.

2. Activity Periods

Practices will undertake quality improvement activities and implement ‘system change ideas’ with support from the Program Officer.

 3. Data Collection

Practices will regularly submit data containing wound care related measures via the PenCAT Audit Tool to track system change improvements and benchmark against other participating practices.

Benefits to your practice

  • 40 RACGP Category 1 QI&CPD points (TBC)
  • Free training and online resources for chronic wound care management, specifically, venous leg ulcers and related features in clinical software
  • Quality improvement activity contributing to PIP QI


The Wound Care Collaborative will run until 30 August 2021.

* References:

If you are interested in participating, complete the expression of interest form below: 

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