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Flood Response

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MBS Telehealth Extended

The Minister of Health has agreed to a temporary exemption to the MBS telehealth items to allow GPs in designated flood affected Local Government Areas to provide telehealth consultations to patients without the requirement of having seen the patient in the previous 12 months. This will allow practices to provide telehealth consultations to patients whose usual general practice is closed. This change is backdated to take effect from Sunday 21 March

Information regarding MBS telehealth numbers can be found on the HealthPathways COVID-19 MBS Items pathway.

List of GPs Available for Telehealth
Practice Name Contact Number
Advance Medical Practice Windsor 4577 2677
Bligh Park Family Practice 4572 7222
Caddens Medical Centre 8608 2177
Cambridge Park Doctors 4721 8318
Faulconbridge Health Centre 4751 2211
Francis St Family Practice 4545 2777
Kingswood Medical Centre 4736 6900
Medical and Fitness Centre 4736 6567
North Richmond Family Medical Practice
4571 3399
Penrith After Hours Clinic
4789 0229
Please note this is an after hours service: Before 8AM, after 6PM Mon-Fri/ After 12PM Saturday/ All day Sunday and Public Holidays
Sydney GP Group Medical Centre 4709 6930
The Hawkesbury Family Practice 4578 9399
Windsor Family Practice 4577 4102

If you have capacity to provide telehealth and would like to be added to this list please call us on 4708 8100 or contact us online.

Disaster Recovery Payments

If you or your patients have been directly impacted by the storms and current floods, then the Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment (AGDRP) could be of assistance. The AGDRP provides one-off financial assistance to people in eligible LGAs (all LGAs in our region are eligible) at the rate of $1000 per adult and $400 per child. Claims for this payment can be lodged with Services Australia for a period up to 6 months.

Continued Dispensing Information

Continued Dispensing is the supply of an eligible medicine to a person by an approved pharmacist, where there is an immediate need for the medicine, but where it is not practicable to obtain a valid PBS prescription, such as in the current flood disaster. The supply of medicines under these arrangements is subject to a strict set of professional guidelines. Only one supply of medicines can be provided under Continued Dispensing in a 12 month period. 

The temporary emergency measure provides Continued Dispensing arrangements for most PBS medicines supplied through community pharmacies. Eligible people will continue to access their essential medicines at the usual PBS cost. 

The expanded Continued Dispensing arrangements (under the Commonwealth Determination) continue to require the pharmacist to be satisfied of the following:

  • The medicine requested is identified in the relevant legislation as eligible for supply by Continued Dispensing and has NOT been supplied under the Continued Dispensing initiative in the previous 12 months.
  • There is an immediate need for supply of the medicine to facilitate continuity of therapy, and it is not practicable for the person to obtain a prescription for the medicine from an authorised prescriber.
  • The medicine has been previously prescribed for the person, the patient’s therapy is stable, and there has been prior clinical review by the prescriber that supports continuation of the medicine.
  • There is an ongoing need for supply, and the medicine is safe and appropriate for that patient.

Guidelines for pharmacists and patients are available. 

Community Trauma Toolkit for Adults and Children

The Emerging Minds Community Trauma Toolkit provides important information, education and mental health resources to assist GPs when having conversations with patients about the impacts of disasters. 

Flood Response Communications to GPs