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GP Wellbeing and Burnout Prevention Webinar

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29 July 2020 7:00pm - 8:30pm




General Practitioners

Key Presenter/s:

Dr Monica Moore is a GP who works as a full-time psychotherapist in Sutherland. She graduated from UNSW in 1983, and worked in General Practice for 20yrs, moving to full-time psychotherapy in 2005.

Dr Moore has been involved in training GPs and allied health clinicians with RACGP, GP Synergy, CESPHN, Australian Society of Hypnosis, Black Dog Institute, GPCE, NSW Institute of Psychiatry, Rural Doctors Association, Sphere, and the Sutherland Division of General Practice. She has a special interest in Motivational Interviewing and its use in physical health settings.


As a result of the pandemic, doctors have been asked to rapidly adapt to the current changing requirements of patient needs, clinical practice changes, and updated business arrangements. In times of extreme change and uncertainty, our adrenaline rises, often resulting in fatigue, physical symptoms, mental fogginess and overwhelm. For some of us, the strategies we use to keep our adrenaline in the optimal zone are relegated to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list.

This session will focus not on ‘what’, but ‘how’ - practical strategies to optimally utilise your default work style or adapt your style to help you develop and keep good habits, and reduce the risk of burnout. Understanding the default responses of other people’s styles can reduce conflict and improve both professional and personal interactions.

Learning Outcomes

  • To recognise how we respond to both inner and outer expectations
  • Develop helpful strategies for managing challenges, based on our own styles
  • Utilise these behavioural insights when interacting with others, within and outside the workplace, to improve the quality of our relationships.

GPs who participate in this webinar will have the opportunity to participate in five closed group sessions, facilitated by Dr Monica Moore, to explore the topic more deeply  Participants must have attended the first webinar and be prepared to commit to each monthly sessions.

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For enquiries, call Yolande Boys on 4708 8102. Registrations are essential.

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28 July 2020