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Well-Being Grants to Support Farming Communities

Our Well-Being Grants to Support Farming Communities will provide small to large grants of between $1,000 (ex GST) and $50,000 (ex GST) to organisations and community-led initiatives that will help support the mental health, long-term well-being and resilience of farming communities. 

We are funding these grants through the Federal Government’s Empowering our Communities initiative, which aims to help farmers, families and communities deal with the uncertainty, stress and anxiety of drought conditions.

Significant parts of our region have been identified as being impacted by drought and the objective of these grants is to support organisations and community-led initiatives which will promote individual and community resilience and help reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.

There are three levels of grants available:

  1. Small: up to $2,500 (ex GST)
  2. Medium: $2,501 – $10,000 (ex GST)
  3. Large: $10,001 – $50,000 (ex GST)

How to Apply

  1. Read the Well-Being Grants to Support Farming Communities Application Guidelines to understand all the eligibility criteria.
  2. Download and complete the Well-Being Grants to Support Farming Communities Application Form (PDF 318kb).
  3. Submit your application form (or a document that addresses the application's questions) and any supporting material via email or post (as per details provided in the Application Guidelines) by one of the dates below. 

An Evaluation Panel will consider applications in rounds: 

  • Round 1: applications closed.

  • Round 2: applications closed.

  • Round 3: applications closed.

  • Round 4: applications by closed.

  • Round 5: applications by Friday 28 February, 2020.

You will be notified whether or not your application has been successful, or you may be asked to provide more information.

Further Information

If you have any questions about the Grants, please contact Nicole Parsons on 4708 8191 or via our online contact us form.

Funded Projects, Programs & Services

Aus Ecosystems Foundation Inc.(AFEI): Utilising walking tracks to provide a space where Aboriginal Youth can participate in walk ‘n’ talks with local Aboriginal elders and be involved in care and conservation of native Australian animals.
Capertee Valley Landcare: Bush walks highlighting the link between mental and physical health. Now concluded.

Capertee Valley Landcare Inc. & Cementa Contemporary Arts Festival: Four events over a one-year period that will focus on restoring the hydration of the valley.

Hawkesbury Be & Co.: A pop-up social event offering free coffee and conversation. Be & Co. focuses on community connectedness and reducing social isolation.

Hawkesbury Community Outreach Services: Providing Food Packages to disadvantaged areas.

Leep NGO: Working with Hartley Branch of the NSW Farmers Assoc. to deliver a digital program to improve the mental health of farmers and communities affected by drought.

Lithgow Information & Neighbourhood Centre: Delivering resilience workshops within the community focused on the resilience doughnut model.

Lithgow Life Skills: Encouraging socialisation and stress reduction while teaching new coping mechanisms through the delivery of DBT & Art As Therapy.
Lithgow Public School: Promoting mental health and well-being for children living in rural and regional areas within the Lithgow LGA using a Movement Sensory Pod located within the school.

Macdonald Valley Association: Providing community-based assistance to people in need, improving knowledge and connectedness, facilitate visits by professional service providers and the training of volunteers who are leading and advocating groups in need.

Peppercorn Services INC.Supporting men to connect through community led gatherings and facilitated 'Tomorrow Man' workshops. 

Rainbow Lithgow Monthly counselling & outreach casework for trans and gender diverse youth, day or weekend trips to provide social activity for isolated members of the LGBTIQI+ and an art exhibition with LCC Library.

Rural Aid: Rural Aid will promote mental health and well-being by introducing a pilot program facilitating regular peer support groups, follow-up, and on-going phone/face-to-face counselling support.

St Albans Common: Trust Community events including mental health coaching, working groups, information sharing, muster training sessions, an annual gala night and the documentation and recording of local history to foster social connectedness.

Tarana Farmer’s Market: Promoting an ongoing program of events to improve farm community health and well-being as well as build resilience within drought affected farming communities.

The Lithgow Area Women’s Shed This project will deliver skills workshops to the community, focusing on practical skills for socially and geographically isolated women.

Trybal Productions: Theatre Show incorporating the lived experience of community members through spoken word, art, poetry and music. Now concluded.

University of Newcastle, Centre for Rural & Remote Health: Farmer-health focused events reaching out to farmers offering physical and mental health 'check-ins', Q-Fever vaccinations and a vet-related farm dog health examination. 

Commissioned Services

Lifeline Australia: Gatekeeper Training designed to teach individuals who have regular contact with others in their community (i.e. “gatekeepers”) to recognise and respond to people at potential risk of suicide, to support those who are bereaved by suicide or those who have lived experience.

Marathon Health NewAccess: Developed by Beyond Blue, is an in-person or over the phone free mental health coaching program for anyone aged 16 and over.

Red Cross Australia: Mental Health Matters is a short course to encourage early intervention and a
supportive culture to help reduce the impact of mental health issues.
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