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All Intellectual property deed material developed using Commonwealth funds are bound by Intellectual Property (IP) clauses in the Primary Health Network deed of funding.

Nepean Blue Mountains PHN (NBMPHN) claims beneficial and legal ownership of all original content on this website. 

Should a third party wish to request the use of NBMPHN Intellectual Property, including content provided on this website, it requires the written consent of the CEO of NBMPHN.

Those third parties using NBMPHN IP can only do so under explicit written arrangements such as a licence, memoranda of understanding or other written agreement.

To make a request to use NBMPHN intellectual property, please contact us online, ensuring you provide:

  • Organisation and contact name
  • The NBMPHN Intellectual Property (IP) your request relates to
  • Specific details about the intended use of the IP
  • A timeframe for the intended use of the IP
  • Disclose any commercial benefits you may be gaining by using the IP. 

Upon NBMPHN receiving notification, and prior to providing consent or otherwise NBMPHN may enter into discussions with the relevant parties to ascertain whether the intended dealings will be permitted, and expressly agree in writing the manner and extent to which such intended dealings may proceed, if consent is provided.