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Wesley LifeForce Suicide Prevention Full Day Workshop

Event Details


28 April 2018 9:00am - 4:00pm






WOTSO WorkSpace, Penrith


Cinema Room, WOTSO WorkSpace, 95B Station Street, Penrith

Key Presenter/s:

Wesley LifeForce facilitators are accredited trainers who have completed suicide intervention training. Many are also accredited counsellors.


Wesley LifeForce training equips participants with a variety of skills such as managing suicidal crisis, understanding risk and protective factors, as well as how to recognise potential warning signs. They offer both full-day workshops and half-day seminars. These programs are aimed at training individuals from all walks of like, as well as organisational groups. This workshop will specifically target members of the community who may have a gatekeeper role, for example group leaders, teachers, sports coaches etc, to assist them and recognise and help someone who may be at risk.

Community information resources

Wesley LifeForce has developed 'community information cards' and 'community information posters.' Every workshop participant receives a community information card which includes national 24-hour crisis numbers and information about local community services/resources.

All workshop material is vetted by MindFrame - an Australian Government body which provides expert advice to the Suicide Prevention Sector on responsible reporting /portrayal of the issue of suicide.

Learning Outcomes

  • understand risk and protective factors
  • how to identify the warning signs that someone may be at risk of suicide
  • how to ask directly about suicide intent
  • understand what local and national support and resources are available to support a person at risk

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23 April 2018


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