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Top reasons patients are hospitalised in our region

15 February 2019

The recent Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report on Potentially Preventable Hospitalisations in Australia, contains some interesting and challenging data as to the top reasons people are hospitalised.

Based on this report, we have created a summary of Potentially Preventable Hospitalisations relevant to our region

How is the care of your patients affected by this information?

There are significant variations from national averages within our local areas for the reasons why patients are hospitalised. Conditions for which patients were hospitalised fall into three broad categories:

  1. Chronic conditions
  2. Acute conditions
  3. Vaccine-preventable conditions

Although there are many potential explanations for these variations, including the age-sex profile of practices within our region, each GP and specialist practice should consider auditing and analysing their own patient data against the region’s summary data and compare their practice to best practice guidelines.

Our Practice Support team can support your practice in pro-actively managing specific patient populations, such as chronic disease, by assisting you to utilise the data in the your clinical software. These services are free of charge. Request a visit from a Practice Support Officer online.