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Fifth Annual Clinical Paediatrics Day

Last Saturday we held the 5th annual Clinical Paediatrics Day, a large-scale educational event we coordinate in conjunction with the Paediatric Department at Nepean & Blue Mountains Hospital.

It provides local, quality continuing professional development in relation to significant emerging clinical topics, like screen addiction and childhood obesity, as well as an opportunity to meet with other health professionals in the area.

The event was attended by over 75 local healthcare professionals, included GPs, practice and hospital-based nurses, and other doctors, which has grown substantially from the 30 health professionals who first attended in 2013.

One of the key sessions that provoked much thought was relating to the concept of digital nutrition. Understanding the Seduction of Screens explored the psychology of technology-use and how we need to transition contemporary thinking from being judgemental to finding positive ways of framing and applying its use.

Another session on childhood obesity also prompted much discussion.

I would like to thank and recognise everyone involved with this event, particularly our Professional Development and Events team.

It was wonderful to meet with the attending clinicians, many of whom offered praise for the organisation of the event. Comments received included:

  • "Very informative presentations"
  • "Fantastic day; highly recommended to others"
  • "Great content, great speakers - pity that they had more material to offer and not enough time! - a perennial problem. Thank you for a great day."

Plans are already underway for next year’s event, which will take on board some of the feedback we have received by presenting less topics, with more dedicated time per topic.

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