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Our Digital Health Strategy is Launched

I am delighted to announce that yesterday we launched our Digital Health Strategy for 2018-2021. 

Digital technology is transforming healthcare. It has the power to improve access to services, increase provider collaboration, and facilitate the delivery of safe, high quality and effective healthcare, which ultimately saves lives.

I am proud that we have been one of only two regions to lead Australia in digital health adoption through the My Health Record trial, and one of ten regions to be trialling the Health Care Homes initiative. Due to the success of the My Health Record trial, by the end of this year every Australian will receive a My Health Record, unless they choose not to, and we will once again take a leadership role in the expansion program by managing the Regional Communications Strategy for NSW and ACT.

Being at the forefront of this digital health journey has created an immense opportunity for our PHN to see the benefits of leveraging digital solutions to facilitate better healthcare outcomes for patients. As a result, our Digital Health Strategy focuses on the need to provide a more patient centric, connected care ecosystem across the region, and the opportunity to leverage digital solutions to facilitate greater healthcare access, continuity of care, and collaboration between providers and patients.

This Strategy acknowledges the variation across our region in digital health literacy, maturity of digital adoption, appetite for change, and other challenges presented by location, service provision, and patient need. The scope of our Strategy is not limited by immediately available resources but provides a platform to leverage and harness future opportunities and partnerships. It is the lens through which we will focus our efforts, align our activities and innovate.

I am delighted to share with you the result of our work: the Nepean Blue Mountains PHN Digital Health Strategy 2018-2021.

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My Health Record Trial Learnings

As one of two PHNs that took part in the My Health Record Opt-Out trial in 2016, we had the benefit of understanding what worked and what we believe could help others introducing My Health Record. We shared this information with other PHNs through our report: Learnings from the My Health Record Opt-Out Trial. This report can be found in our Online Library along with other published reports, documents and fact sheets.

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