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Health Action Plan Launched for Penrith

In a landmark initiative, NBMPHN, NBMLHD and Penrith City Council have joined forces to develop a Health Action Plan for the Penrith community. The Health Action Plan focuses on health promotion and the prevention and early intervention of health issues.

The collaboration - one involving all three levels of government - marks a significant step in establishing greater community awareness about the importance of health and taking action early when health issues arise. 

Having a Health Action Plan in place recognises that overcoming the inequities and barriers to good health is everybody's business. So many things affect our health, such as the way our cities are planned, the ability to access information and services, as well as the support we get from our GPs and other primary healthcare professionals.

No one sector can address all these things, and it is exciting to think how much more can be achieved by working together. 

Some of the projects already being worked on as part of the agreement include:

  • Make Healthy Normal: which encourages people to make healthy changes in small steps with online support.
  • Healthy Eating Active Living: a whole government framework designed to keep people healthy and reduce the impact of lifestyle related chronic disease.
  • Working together for healthy built environments so people have better access to fresh healthy food and more opportunities to be active.
  • Innovative projects to improve the health for people living in communities that are socially and economically disadvantaged.

Several other collaborations are also in the pipeline, including a focus on outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

This project also provides us with a template that we can use with other Councils within the Nepean Blue Mountains region, to enable the launch of similar, community-targeted health promotion and awareness initiatives.

More information about the Penrith Health Action Plan is available from Penrith City Council

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