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We Care Medical Centre Launch

This past week I was delighted to attend the opening of a new general practice in our region, who have been benefiting from our free Workforce and General Practice Support Programs. We Care Medical Centre has just launched in the Penrith area and spoke very highly of our staff and the support they received from us while establishing their practice.

Our Workforce Team supports practices by facilitating the recruitment and retention of a skilled primary healthcare workforce to service our region’s growing population, while our Practice Support Team provides a wide range of activities that assist General Practitioners and practices deliver quality primary healthcare to our community.

Ram Annamalai, Practice Director for We Care Medical Centre, had this to say to about our programs and staff:

"Right from inception to opening, the NBMPHN helped us with so many different things. There are so many angles to consider, and your Workforce and Practice Support staff were so patient and answered all of our questions promptly.

The help we received hiring staff, writing role descriptions, developing marketing campaigns, suggestions for accreditation and compliance with local bodies, were up-to-date and incredibly valuable."

It is wonderful to see the contribution our staff and programs are making to the health of our region, and that this contribution is being truly valued.

Workforce Support activities we provide include:

  • Free listing of primary health care providers and practice staff job vacancies on our website.
  • Accepting CVs from healthcare job seekers and providing a job matching service where possible.
  • CV assessment and the provision of relevant advice regarding recruitment processes.
  • Advice/assistance pertaining to the NSW Health Area of Need program and to relevant application processes.
  • Liaising with local Universities and Regional Training Providers in order to develop the region’s capacity to host medical students, pre-vocational doctors, and GP Registrars.
  • Providing relevant induction and orientation to registrars and health professionals who have recently arrived in the region.

Call our Workforce Support Team on 4708 8100 or make contact online.

We also work extensively with General Practices on an ongoing basis in the areas of accreditation, quality improvement, education and training and much more. Call our Practice Support Team on 4708 8100 or make contact online.

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