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Our Commissioned Services and Clinical Governance Framework

As a leader in primary health, we are committed to ensuring safe, high-quality and effective healthcare in our region. Not just for those who engage directly with our programs and services but for the whole community, through our influence and support of the primary care workforce.

That is why I am so pleased to make public our Commissioned Services and Clinical Governance Framework. This Framework defines key systems, structures and processes that enable our organisation to account for the delivery of high-quality, safe care that puts the needs of our community first.

What is Clinical Governance and why is it important? Simply, Clinical Governance is the set of relationships and responsibilities established by healthcare organisations like ourselves to ensure that we, our commissioned service providers and stakeholders, deliver safe and high-quality healthcare.

This Framework drives behaviour, both individual and organisational, that leads to better care. It embeds the three key components of clinical leadership and supervision; clinical risk management; legislation and quality standards into all of our systems and services. It means that we, and people in our region, can be confident that robust systems are in place to support the delivery of safe and quality care in our community.

As we continue to support and deliver primary care across the region, with this Framework in place, we ensure that those we engage with are supported to meet the needs of the community, through safe and high-quality driven systems.

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Lizz Reay is the CEO of Wentworth Healthcare, provider of the Nepean Blue Mountains Primary Health Network. Previously Deputy CEO of Nepean Blue Mountains Medicare Local & Nepean Division of General Practice, she has an extensive background in public health.
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