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2017 Clinical Paediatric Day

Last month, our Events team coordinated a Clinical Paediatric Day in partnership with Nepean Blue Mountains LHD.

This is an educational event we have been presenting annually, and, now in its fourth year, its audience has continued to climb, with over 75 GPs, primary care nurses and allied health providers from across the region attending this year.

Themes ranged from acute to chronic, and spanned aspects of physical health, mental health and behavioural problems. The session focussed on current issues faced in general practice, including Tackling Obesity, Psychological Approaches to Treating Depressions and Anxiety in Children and Adolescents, and Feeding Problems in Infants.

Any opportunity for general practice and hospital healthcare providers to connect and explore the best ways to manage patient diagnosis and treatment in a way that can ultimately avoid a potential hospital admission is beneficial for our region.     

Many of the knowledgeable and experienced specialists who presented this year provide 24-hour on call coverage to Blue Mountains Hospital. The key speakers, such as Dr Jason Hort (Head of Paediatric Emergency at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Westmead) and Association Professor Gary Leong (Paediatric Endocrinologist with the Nepean Family Obesity Service) offered a wealth of insight to the attendees.

In a primary care setting, continued professional development and education is vital to enable healthcare providers to manage patients in line with contemporary clinical knowledge, research and guidelines.

Our organisation’s healthcare professional education program means that local GPs, practice nurses and allied health providers are able to regularly access local, relevant learning opportunities. Our education calendar is online and provides information about all our upcoming events. 

The feedback from the Clinical Paediatric Day has been incredibly positive, and already the wheels are turning in preparation for the fifth annual Clinical Paediatric Day in 2018. 

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