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COPD Collaborative an important opportunity for General Practice

Respiratory disease (eg. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease or COPD, Asthma, Influenza and Pneumonia) accounts for approximately 7% of the burden of disease in the Australian population.

Within the Nepean Blue Mountains region;

  • Respiratory disease is the third leading cause of death, accounting for 8.6% of male deaths and 10.6% of female deaths equating to an average of 188 deaths per year from respiratory diseases (2010-11).
  • Respiratory disease accounts for nearly 5% of hospitalisations in our population, or 6,488 people (2011-2012).
  • COPD accounts for 46% of the local burden of disease with 970 hospitalisations (2011-2012) and is the leading cause of potentially preventable hospitalisations (2007 & 2014).
  • The average cost of a single hospital admission for COPD, without any other complications, is approximately $5,500 and with complications is approximately $9,700 per admission (2011-2012).

We have been developing initiatives and working with GPs to support their patients with respiratory disease. This includes the establishment of a COPD Collaborative in General Practice.

The COPD collaborative will work with interested general practices to review existing systems of COPD patient management within primary care, community and acute care. This will facilitate identifying service gaps and developing solutions to better support the healthcare journey of patients with COPD.

We are currently seeking general practices to be a part of this COPD Collaborative. I encourage local practices, particularly those with a high volume of patients suffering from respiratory disease, to participate.

You can view more information about the COPD Collaborative and register your interest through our website.

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